The Great Giant Pineapple Company (GGPC) is the world's largest integrated pineapple plantation and factory. From our 32.000 hectares plantation located in Lampung Tengah, Great Giant Pineapple Company supplies over 20% of the world's total demand for canned pineapple. Our processedfruit is exported to over 50countriess in Europe,. The Americas and Asia Pacific and Middle East.

If you challenged by revolutionary ways ti increse yield of agriculture product and you are commited to attain the perfect balance between human needs, environtmental corner and commercial goals, you could be our future Management Trainee.

If You are a graduate from:
- Agriculture and Agriculture Technology (S1 & D3)
Food technology, Agro-industrial technology, Plant protectiton, soil consevation, Agriculture Engineering, and Agribusiness

- Engineering (S1 & D3)
  S1/D3 Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer, chemical engineer, civil engineer, industrial engineer.

- Economics (S1 & D3)
   Management/ Accounting

- Mathematics & Natureal Sciences (S1 & D3)
  Statisticas, informationn technology, biology, and chemistry

- Psychology (S1)
   Phychology Industri.

And possess the folowing criteria:
1. GPA 2,8
2. Excellent in your Functional skills
3. Pro Active and Hard Worker
4. Good Logic and Analytical Thingking
5. Effective Comunication
6. Love team challenges and Outdoor excitement
7. Passion for continuous Personal Development

Please submit your curriculum vitae supported with proper contact address and a copy of your transcript and sertificate, to our company by Email to: or NOT LATER THAN MARCH 3rd 2014.


Great Giant Pineapple Company
Jl. Raya Lintas Timur Arah Menggala KM. 77 Terbanggi Besar, Lampung Tengah
0725-7573001 Ext. 10807 (HRD)

Lowongan Management Trainee Great Giant Pineapple Company (GGPC)

Sumber informasi: CCED Universitas Lampung. dan Karir Lampung